Saying goodbye to a loved one.

What is left of life’s journey is a suitcase filled with memories. A person that was dear to us has passed away. This may leave us with a sense of bereavement and in mourning, but also fill us with gratitude for everything he or she meant to us, and the good times we have shared.
During preparation for a funeral service, one can relive those joyful moments. By telling each other stories, smiling over particular situations, and listening to music, the picture of the beloved one that has passed away shall be painted.

As an officiant, I can guide you through this process. With the input and cooperation of the relatives of the deceased, I will connect the different memories with speech and music in order to prepare for the final farewell. I can also conduct the service itself.
From the preparation of the service as well as the service itself one can deduct memories to carry along in their own suitcase, and travel with them during life’s journey.
I am an experienced speaker, fluent in both Dutch and English. My use of the English language is based on extensive experience, as I have been employed for more than 35 years by internationally operating companies. Please contact me if you have questions or require further information

What I can do to assist you:

  • Prepare the script for the funeral service.
  • Conduct the funeral service.
  • Prepare the PowerPoint/presentation.
  • Combine all separate items into a coherent farewell.
  • Write the eulogy or tribute.
  • Assist in writing the life story of the deceased.

The memories bring back, memories bring back you”
Maroon 5